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Enjoy wine by the can

Posted: Friday, April 22, 2016 5:44 pm
By Sara Jane Pohlman/ Lodi Living Editor
One Lodi area winery is ready to embrace the outdoor adventures of summer.
Dancing Coyote Wines in Acampo is offering a white wine blend in a can through their tasting room. The wine is a mix of Italian varietals Cortese and Falanghina and Portuguese varietal Loureiro.
Owner Celia McCormack describes the blend as crisp with lively aromatics and juicy fruit flavors. The canning process captures a slight effervescence, making the wine a little fizzy. The cans are 250 ml, smaller than the standard 375 ml soda can.
“Cans are so much more lightweight than bottles and easier to dispose of,” she said. “They’re great for hiking, camping, boating, outdoor concerts and barbecues, taking to the beach or even just sipping by your own pool.”
The McCormack family has farmed in the Delta region for five generations. McCormack shared the details of their latest venture in alternative packaging.
Q: Who came up with the idea?
A: My father, Tom McCormack, had read about a winery in Oregon putting wine in cans and mentioned it to me. Although I had been skeptical of other alternative packaging for wines, such as wine in a box and a bag, the cans seemed like a great idea. So I ran with it. Since very few places are doing it, it took some time to figure the size (Regulations only allow certain size vessels for wine), getting the cans and finding someone to actually do the ‘canning.’
Q: Why release this now?
A: Whole Foods predicts wine in cans to be one of the top trends of 2016. Although we may be ahead of the curve here, I think you’re going to see a lot more wineries doing this. It’s definitely going to appeal to the millennials which are the next big wine consumers of the future, soon to surpass the baby boomers.
Q: Is the can specially made to contain wine?
A: No, but we had to have our wine tested by Ball Corp., who makes the cans, to make sure there was no corrosive reaction with the can lining.
Q: Does this preserve wine as well as glass and cork?
A: The wine is guaranteed by the can manufacturer to last at least 12 months from filling date. Most white wine lasts a couple years in a bottle, red wines longer.
Q: Will the wine breathe properly from the can?
A: I don’t see there being an issue with this.
Q: Is this blend available bottled?
A: The white wine blend that we developed for the cans is not available in a bottle, only cans.

Dancing Coyote Wine is located in Acampo.
3125 E. Orange Street
Hours: Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wine in a can: 1 box of four cans costs $15.99.

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