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Petite Sirah

This wine is in no way petite - it's big, inky and luscious.


With baked blackberry and spicy smoked hickory, there is no shortage of flavor. It has the perfect mouth feel of chewy tannins, yet finishes surprisingly smooth for a Petite Sirah

Food Pairings

Great with prime rib, grilled steaks, barbecued ribs, or even burgers. Seek out its wild side by pairing it with game, such as deer, elk or buffalo. Enjoy it at the end of the meal with rich, dark chocolate or a luscious berry dessert.

Viticulture Notes

The Clarksburg appellation is known for producing top quality Petite Sirah, mainly due to its ideal climate for this varietal. As the Sacramento Valley heats up during the day, it pulls in the maritime breezes from the bay, which allows warm summer days and cool evenings. Grown in nutrient rich, sandy clay soils, the vines are trained into a bilateral configuration on a California "T" trellis. Spur pruned, the vines are shoot, cluster and leaf thinned for a balanced vine and optimum flavor development.

Winemaking Notes

Grapes were handpicked in the morning, then de-stemmed and crushed in a temperature controlled tank. The skins, juice and seeds were cold soaked for 48 hours before they were inoculated with yeast. The wine was pumped-over several times a day and fermented at 85ºF 10 days. After pressing, the wine was transferred to oak barrels for 12 months of aging.


Snap Shot


Grapes:Petite Sirah

Alcohol:13.5% by Vol.

Residual Sugar:.03 g/100 mL (%)


Total Acidity:5.2 g/L as Tartaric Acid

Harvested:September 2018

Brix at Harvest:25.6º Brix Average

Bottled:June 2020

Production:610 cases

Tasting Notes: