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Pinot Grigio

A well-balanced, dry white wine with a bright, crisp, mineral finish.


A well-balanced, dry white wine with intriguing scents of green apple, pear and honeydew melon. This lighter-bodied wine has a bright crisp, mineral finish.

Food Pairings

This clean and crisp Pinot Grigio is best served chilled. It pairs well with light flavored foods such as mild cheeses, fresh fruit, grilled chicken and pasta dishes, like pesto and risotto. A wonderful wine for summer-time gatherings.

Viticulture Notes

This Italian Grape is a lighter mutation of Pinot Noir. It gets its name "Grigio" (which means grey in Italian) from the color of its grapes. The Clarksburg appellation is ideal for producing it, mainly due to its climate and rich sandy, clay soils. Our vineyards enjoy hot, summer days from the Sacramento Valley, which allow the intense aroma of the fruit to develop. But they are also exposed to the cool maritime breezes from the bay in the evenings giving the grapes a fresh acidity. We take special care in all aspects of our grape growing from deficit irrigation, to precise pruning techniques, to handpicking at harvest.

Winemaking Notes

Grapes were hand picked in the morning and gently pressed. Juice was cold settled and fermented cold in stainless steel tanks. The wine was allowed to sit on light lees for several months before racking. The wine was then finished for bottling, never seeing any oak or malo-lactic.


Snap Shot


Grapes:Pinot Grigio

Alcohol:13.0% by Vol.

Residual Sugar:.81 g/100 mL (%)


Total Acidity:6.5g/L as Tartaric Acid

Harvested:August 2018

Brix at Harvest:22.0ยบ Brix Average

Bottled:January 2020

Production:600 cases