Dancing Coyote Wines


Red Wine Blend Cans

This crisp red wine blend has lively aromatics, juicy fruit flavors and a very slight effervescence captured in the canning process.

1 box comes with 4 (250mL) cans


With enticing aromas of blackberries and black cherries, this blend of Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir and Loureiro is rich and smooth with fruity flavors and spicy overtones.

Food Pairings

Drink these red blend cans at room temperature or throw them on ice and drink them chilled (Sangria style). It’s the perfect go-to beverage for all your outings, or just as a single serving at home. Perfect in the afternoon with appetizers, or later with barbecued meats, pasta with tomato sauce or just by itself.

Viticulture Notes

The Clarksburg appellation in known for producing top quality vines, mainly due to its ideal climate. As the Sacramento Valley heats up during the day, it pulls in the maritime breezes from the bay, which allows warm summer days and cool evenings. Grown in nutrient rich, sandy clay soils, the wines are trained into a bilateral configuration on a California “T” trellis. Spur pruned, the vines are shoot, cluster and leaf thinned for a balanced vine and optimum flavor development.

Winemaking Notes

Grapes were handpicked in the morning, de-stemmed and crushed in a temperature controlled tanks. The wine was pumped over several times a day and fermented. After pressing the wine was aged in oak barrels 10 months. The varietals are then blended together before canning.

Snap Shot


Alcohol:13.5% by Vol.

Residual Sugar:.86 g/100 mL (%)


Total Acidity:5.6 g/L as Tartaric Acid

Brix at Harvest:25º Brix Average

Canned:June 21st, 2019

Production:600 trays