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Wild Cortese

A wine unlike anything you've ever discovered, made with estate-grown grapes and "natural" winemaking techniques. These authentic, living wines are full of naturally occurring microbes so you can expect their profile to change with every bottling. Leading each taste, each glass, and each experience to one of wine's greatest pleasures, the joy of discovery.


This beautiful "orange" wine is made from an Italian white variety from Piedmont. With notes of dried rose hips, lemon zest and bay leaf/thyme, there are hints of fleshy apricot and oolong tea flavors. The wine finishes crisp and lean with a distinctive flinty mouth feel.

The Lost Vineyard

Lost Slough is 300 acres of sustainably grown vines in the Clarksburg, CA appellation. This unusually cool, mineral-rich appellation is hidden amongst the channels and surrounded by the Sacramento River. The vineyard, which was once below sea level, has sandy soils with scattered shell fragments, giving our wines a distinctive salinity characteristic.

The Lost Technique

Our natural process uses wild fermentation, minimal to no filtration, no fining, and no additives. We start by hand-harvesting our grapes at night to keep them naturally cool. The stems were then gently removed and the berries (skin, seed, pulp & juice) were cold soaked several days until natural fermentation began. The wine was pumped over the skins once a day, extracting the natural skin phenolics, which caused the "orange" color. Once fermented dry, the grapes were gently pressed, then barrel aged for six months before being discovered, by you.


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Appellation:Clarksburg, CA


Brix at Harvest:21.6ยบ


Production :500 cases

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